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Top 5 Ways | How To Celebrate National Puppy Day?

How to celebrate national puppy day

How to Celebrate National Puppy Day?

National Puppy day means you sacrifice this day among other days in a year just for your beloved puppy. How much dedicated a puppy or dog you cannot measure at all. For its heart touching dedication and love to you, that's why you need to sacrifice a day and company your puppy as your best level.To dedicate a day for your puppy now puppy day on 23 March celebrated worldwide. So now you can pass this day with much enjoyment with your puppy.There are some excellent ideas for you to celebrate with your friendly and loving puppy. Make some plans for this day.

1. Start your day with a tight hug with your puppy: 

tight hug with puppy in national puppy day

Like other days you can't be so much busy with several days to day life tasks in this morning. Start your day more relaxed and comfortable mode than another morning in year or life. After wake up start take care more specially than the normal morning of your puppy, and then give your puppy a tight and loving hug with some gifts or flowers or anything else what your puppy loved much.

2. Adopt a puppy: 

Adopt a puppy in national puppy day

If you have a puppy that's fine but unfortunately if you haven't then adopted one from remote puppy shelter or animal shelter soon. You need to take an animal if you love it much and ready to parenting one with so much dedication for that. It is so tough to adopt a human baby or kid. If you think that you are not the perfect one to take a puppy but love animals. Then went to a local animal shelter and passed this day with animals as you like in various ways of enjoyment.

3. Volunteer at a local shelter: 

volunteer at local shelter puppy in national puppy day

The beginning of the day take your puppy to the local animal care center or shelter. Get the chance to work as a volunteer in an animal shelter. Help other stuff in various ways where they need your help. Take care of puppies, playing with them; give those tasty foods and clothes or anything else what you can afford to make them happy anyhow. Working as a volunteer there helps you to get the best enjoyment of the day and makes you happy mentally. Also, raises the awareness to ban puppy mills in your state and country.

4. Make some donation and give various gifts: 

Make some donation and gift in national puppy day

At least for this day you need to give some real and fabulous gift to your puppy and other puppies in the local shelter. Make a better donation to improve the living and lifestyle of your puppy. Create a gift fund for your puppy or insurance and wear your animal same cloth matching with you or gift a tee shirt with the photo of your puppy and both of you and your puppy wear same cloth. Treat your puppy to new bed, collar and leash after all give it delicious and lovely foods what your puppy like most. Make sure regular veterinarian visit and take care to your best level.

5. Arrange a party: 

Party for national puppy day

Arrange a get-together party of your kith and kin and invite their puppies also. So that puppy gets the best enjoyment of this day.Overall try your best to make happy your puppy and secure the best living.

Celebrating National Puppy Day

7 Amazing Tips to Make Your Puppy Happier

 Make Your Puppy Happier 

It is not an easy task to parenting a puppy because it deserves as you kids need. You need to be more careful to your puppy then it would become the perfect companion for you.
From the ancient time of taking an animal as a best friend, there are several ideas used to make them happy. So it is not so easy to generate the best ideas to keep it cheer according to your desire and get the cordial behavior from your puppy. Here I mention some excellent ideas what must fruitful to you.

Happy Puppy

1.    Feed your puppy nutritious:

Nourishing food with balanced diet: If the puppy is healthy then its mind also so natural not arrogant. To keep your puppy healthy in health and mind you need to abide by some rules and regulation. Give your nutritious puppy food to keep it healthy. Always try to treat it him with great dishes what your puppy likes most.

2.    Make sure regular veterinary appointments for your puppy: 

In this early stage of life your puppy needs some extra care to being to more strong. As you are not so well known about the problems with your puppy and not a specialist also then need to make a proper schedule to keep your puppy in sound healthy. A veterinarian can give you best guideline to treat the best way of your grown up puppy. So never neglect any pure syndrome also.

3.    Ensure the best safety for your puppy: 

It is obedient duty keep your puppy secures all day long, if your puppy with you or not. To protect it from various injuries and harms need to teach it multiple ways to save. In every week gives your puppy a germ-free bath and never put any insect killer near to him or put your puppy anywhere living of any bacteria or have the chance to affect by any virus.

4.    Give your pup message every day: 

To make your puppy loving to you or keep a perfect relationship need to care it in some innovative way. Message the body f your pup every day mostly in sleeping time of it.

5.    Brush, comb and trim your puppy every day: 

In your daily routine keep few minutes to comb hairs to remove excessive hackle. It helped your puppy to be happy and added some benefit in your relationship.

6.    Wear it fashionable dresses according to weather:

In the time of snow or winter wear your puppy warm clothes and in summer give it weather warm clothes.

7.    Fix exercise time: 

Exercise means a time to pass together and play with your puppy. Try to play for a short period or take breaks in playing because your puppy gets tired quickly as not so high yet. Play not such a hot area or under the direct sunlight, and it may make it weak.

As a puppy is the best friend of you, so you also need to make it as a family member of your home and treat it like you do with your kids.

So always try your best level to make it happy and friendly to all. Never get it worried to anyone that makes your puppy aggressive or make it behave rudely.

 Overall Love your puppy and it must love you more than it life.

20 Adorable National Puppy Day Images - 2017

 National Puppy Day Images

National Puppy Day Images
National Puppy Day Images

National Puppy Day 2017 Images

national puppy day 2017 images
Happy Puppy

national puppy day 2017 images
Puppy with friend
national puppy day 2017 images
Long hair Puppy

National Puppy Day Pictures
national puppy day pictures
National Puppy Day Pictures

national puppy day pictures
Sleeping Puppy
national puppy day pictures
Puppy Alone

National Puppy Day 2017 Pictures

national puppy day 2017 pictures
National Puppy Day 2017 Pictures
National Puppy Day 2017 Pictures
Puppy with baby
National Puppy Day 2017 Pictures
Happy Puppy Family

National Puppy Day Photos

National Puppy Day Photos
Angel Puppy
National Puppy Day Photos
Cup Puppy
National Puppy Day Photos
Gossiping Puppies

National Puppy Day 2017 Photos

National Puppy Day 2017 Photos
National Puppy Day 2017 Photos
Cute Puppies
National Puppy Day 2017 Photos
Puppy The Gardener

National Puppy Day Pics

National Puppy Day Pics
Handsome Puppy
National Puppy Day Pics
A Beautiful Puppy

National Puppy Day Pics
Feeling Alone

National Puppy Day 2017 Pics

National Puppy Day 2017 Pics
Puppy with Ball
National Puppy Day 2017 Pics
Home Sweet Home

National Puppy Day 2017 Pics
Warm Puppy

National Puppy Day Images Gallery

National Puppy Day Images Gallery

National Puppy Day Images Gallery

National Puppy Day Images Gallery

National Puppy Day Images Gallery

National Puppy Day Images Gallery

National Puppy Day Images Gallery

National Puppy Day Images Gallery

National Puppy Day Images Gallery

National Puppy Day Images Gallery

National Puppy Day Images Gallery

National Puppy Day Images Gallery

Colored Puppy

Puppy Want Feeder

Hungry Puppy

Sad Puppy

Boxer Puppy

Puppy in Sofa

Puppy in Bed

National Puppy Day – March 23 | A Day for Animal Lovers

What Day is National Puppy Day?

What Day is National Puppy Day?
What Day is National Puppy Day?

Puppies are the best near and dear of the human. They are the best close, the lovely and elite creature on this earth. To save them and make people aware about loving and caring these puppies every year 23 March celebrated as the national puppy day.
In honor of puppies, this day is helping people to increase awareness to improving the lives of animals everywhere.

Necessity & History of the Day:

National Puppy Day
Necessity of  National Puppy Day

Since 2006, this day is celebrated in the US to showing the best love and affection to the puppies all around the world. Colleen Paige founder of this day takes the initiative to make people conscious about the threads and other obstacles of a grown up puppy in our society, the aim of this day is to stop the breed mills which commercially breed the animals without proper care and every year a lots puppies lost their lives. To reduce the number of mills and stop make the puppies' commercial item without showing proper care and respect this day will play a vital role. 
There are in average 2.11 million puppies are sold from puppy mills, and 3 million are losing their lives. That's why we need to look into this matter as it's a burning question for the living and future puppies.
Since 2006, every year March 23 observed to save puppies and apperceptive mass and pet lovers to improve the maintenance of animals and their lifestyle. Establish the perfect humanism to them.
From 2012 national puppy day was celebrated internationally. Since the beginning, it gets significant trends in social media and the mass is more careful now than earlier about the puppies.
This day helps to make the authority take proper step to give the best priority of these puppies.
Now, this day is celebrated the whole world with much enthusiasm and joy, people now took pity of this magnificent creature and give them proper living and other facilities.
 If you have a puppy, then it's an awesome day for you to pass an excellent day with it and learn new caring policy.
But if you haven't one then you can also get the chance to move a fantastic day in the year with puppies in animal cares and give them food, shelter, and other facilities to makes you happy in mind and also keep them happier and healthier.

When is National Puppy Day 2017?

Whwn is National Puppy Day 2017
When is National Puppy Day

Thursday, March 23 National Puppy Day 2017 in United States of America. 

Excellent Ideas for a Happy Puppy

National Puppy Day
Ideas for a Happy Puppy

You need to be much sincere to puppies as you have to your kids, they need that facilities and true-hearted care which you provide your kids or grown up younger one.
So it is not so easy to keep a puppy happy and provide them a proper favor. In this national puppy day I will give you some awesome ideas. 
There are some perfect ideas to keep it happy and be more friendly always especially for this day also.

Adopt the Perfect Breed

National Puppy Day
Adopt the Perfect Breed

Do a research before taking a puppy, because you need to get someone according to your living, lifestyle, and environment surrounding you. Think about neuter to control the growth population.
Keep in mind that you have to sacrifice a portion of your everyday life for it. If you are enough able to do these, and then take one.

Overrate More Than a Pet

National Puppy Day 2017
Overrate More Than a Pet

Never think a puppy just as a pet you have, give it priority more than the pet to get the best result and be a good friend, not the owner at all. All the family members and kids needed to know the puppy as a new family member and treated with love, affection, respect and patience as like as a baby. Let’s promise in this national puppy day that we will make it as a part of our family.

Safety of a Puppy

National Puppy Day
Safety of a Puppy

You should secure the puppy from all harms and injuries. To ensure the safety teach the puppy to behave well, and also the kids of the house need to act well with puppy.
Take one more than 12 week age to have a good bonding with you and other members of the home.

Finance and Grooming 

Never forget to keep the increasing balance for your grown up puppy. Provide what like to eat, day by day the eating level must be broad, and you need to level up the finance also.
Make a fund for its vet bill every month and try to buy new dresses and chain for it after every few days.


It is crucial to give your puppy a great start in life. So provide it a completely nutritious meal every day. Always buy natural and organic food free of corn, sugar, chemicals and dyes. Junk or other foods can cause the allergic problem and affect the behavior of your puppy.


National Puppy Day 2017
Exercising Puppy

Need at least little exercise for your puppy every day? Take it outside of home every day and give some time to play or walk as puppy become tired after a while. Make fit and healthy your puppy according to the growth level and body structure.


National Puppy Day

In the time of teething of your puppy, it feels so uncomforting. In this time give it some frozen teething rings and give it to chew on. If you can't get it at the pet store, then take some washed cloth with some plastic and put it frozen and once frozen give it to your puppy to chew on it. It helps to irritate and ossify sensitive gums. Always hold it for them and never allow your puppy to eat it lonely.

Follow these rules and regulation to keep you and your puppy always happy.

How to Celebrate?

How to celebrate National Puppy Day
Celebrating National Puppy Day

As national puppy day is well recognized and observed worldwide, you have to know some excellent ways to celebrate it.
There are some tricks described below to celebrate it in good part.
It is lucky to pass a day just to the puppies and older dogs by playing and with other enjoyments that help us to remorse all the worse and worse for a day being.
Make a plan from morning until evening and take some steps for the improvements of puppies. Educate people about the damage of puppy mills and inspire to take care of puppies.
Like as:

•    Have a visit to local animal shelter: start your national puppy day with an exciting visit to a local shelter or breed rescue organization that gives you some worthy experience that you never think before. By visit there your hearts must fulfill with satisfaction by taking care of puppies.

•    Donate money, food to your local shelter: try to donate always as your ability to your local puppy shelters. Particularly in this day give money, food, toy and other materials as much as you can, this step helps your neighbors also to inspire them for donate. This donation gives you inner satisfaction to you which contribute to relief mental stresses also.

•    Adopt a puppy in need: try to adopt a puppy from a local shelter and bring to the home. This puppy is a new member of your family. Take it cordially and take proper care of him/her.

•    Hire a professional: Are you prepared for puppy parenting? If not then don't take any forward step, hire a professional that can help you to gather good experiences.

•    Organize a peaceful rally with puppies and owners: to held upright the value and make people educate about animals and their rights run a peaceful rally with colorful festoons and banners with puppies. Take a vote to support ban the puppy mills in your state.

•    Invite a community event to collect money for local animal shelter: make a group with your friends and neighbor to ask people for donating money to local animal shelters. By this community event, all people try to share at least some from what they have.

•    Volunteer at your local shelter: Help at your local puppy shelter as a volunteer and assist them in in various tasks like clean the cages, play with animals and anything else. You need to pass times there by doing fun and different tasks or walking with puppies to celebrate this day.

•    Buy new puppy toys: In this day buy some fun to your puppy and for some toys to the local shelter. Buy fun for the animals around and make them happy to play.

•    Bring your puppy to daycare: To teach some fun exercise and give him or her to best care for this day brings to the near daycare. In daycare learn some fun exercise to make you happy and the other family members also.

•    Keep your puppy fresh: Brush your puppy every day to keep it fresh and clean. Brushing keeps fur friendly and removes excess fur.

•    Buy new collar and leash for your puppy: Gift your puppy new collar and leash and taught some lessons about leash playing. New collar and leash give your puppy extra enjoyment in the running and feel update with others. These tips help your puppy to be happy and comfortable with others.

•    Visit beach with puppy: Have an awesome evening with your puppy at the beach. Give the puppy best outside experience with playing on the beach and enjoy the natural beauties also.

•    Give the puppy a tee shirt with his or her photo: your puppy just not only happy but also surprised to have a tee shirt with the picture of him, which makes to feel something special and need to have favorable behavior. Sometimes the puppy falls in love with this tee shirt. Also, try to wear same tee shirt you and your puppy.

•    Use car safety installer: at the time of traveling with your puppy use a car safety driver to get relief from the harness in traveling, and puppies feel safe and comfortable in travel also.

•    Keep away all chemicals: keep far away from all the chemicals from your puppy to keep free insects. Always avoid the toxic chemicals to prevent the animal from cancer. Cleaner chemicals also harmful for your puppy so mind it and throw out these cleaners.

•    Make your yard ‘puppy safe': take various steps to make your garden safe for the animal. Surround your garden with the barrier to keep him inside and use insect killers to keep puppy safe. Throw out all materials affected with bacteria and prevent the animal from all those harmful elements.

•    Choose healthy foods: never try to think about cheap or roughages food for your puppy. Followed by any veterinarian always feed best nutritious food to keep it healthy and active.

•    Never make puppy tired or keep a long time in the sun: animals become quickly tired under a hot sun, so don't make him tired by playing a long time under the sun.

•    Visit veterinarian: use all the vaccines in time and make a habit to have the regular checkup. Visit the doctor at least once a month.

•    Teach your puppy fun tricks: To become familiar with all and give enjoyment teach puppy some fun tricks. These fun tricks make your puppy lovely to all the people even also in their first meet.

•    Buy the new bed and pet-friendly fabric: give your puppy a new bed in this national puppy day. For your puppy always buy pet-friendly and those fabrics what puppy loves much.

•    Be patient and affectionate: make the promise to self with other family members also, never act any rude to the puppy or hit. Always being friendly and lovely to the puppy.

After all make your puppy the best companion for you and the puppy, you also be the best one for him.

Records of this National Puppy Day

Records of National Puppy Day
Super-Talented Puppy Purin

In the last national puppy day, a Japanese super-talented puppy Purin pounded her name in the Guinness world Records title for the traveling on a ball for 11.9 seconds and traveled the fastest distance than ever.
Purin makes the world record in September 2015 for the first time for her excellent skilled goalkeeping performance. So as a pooch it's her second world record.

National Puppy Day in Social Media

National Puppy day is celebrated to enjoy the adoption or ownership of puppy throughout the whole world. This day also established by great lifestyle giant Colleen Paige. Like in real life and social activities in this day social media plays a great role. People enjoy sharing their lifestyle and daily activities on various social media.
From the very beginning of this celebration of national puppy day and the other activities surrounding with animals become so famous and viral soon then other social events.
 Some of the great operations of this day analysis below:

•    Using hash (#) tags: 

To catch the attention of other users in social media like Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit and much more other social sites people use the hashtag to make it viral soon. Everyone in their post-use #NATIONALPUPPYDAY icon, that’s why it become so much populated, and everyone shares their opinion about the enjoyment of this day. This sharing give extra value to raise the happiness this day much more than ever. People share their experience and opinion of this day as their sweet will to make people aware and inspired to adopt and save the puppies. The primary target is to ban the puppy mills and give them the proper environment for the breed and live here.

•    Upload Puppy Photos

People love to share their activity actually in national days least with photos to keep up the consciousness of those days. Like as other national days in national puppy day people take a lot of shot of their puppy and share its social media to make the puppy more adorable and excellent one among other puppies. Sharing the puppy photos make us happy, and the puppies become unique to us. Owners and the volunteers of local shelters take care of animals in the great convenient way make them fresh and good looking and share these photos on social media to let others know about his/her activity in this day.

•    Wear a marked dress and upload photos in social media: 

If I share a picture on any social media site mostly the dress up of puppy and me takes the attraction more quickly. That is why every people wear the various marked dress with social awareness quotes and symbol to show their best respect to the puppies in the world. In recent years the most viral tee shirt of this day about a quote to adopt the puppies. In following national puppy day there is a lot of dresses are produced, and they served for keep upright the proper respect of this day. There are also many captures published about the puppy party of this day.

•    Celebrities do lot stuff for the puppy: 

In various social media the most famous and influential celebrities share their activities and publish many social awareness speeches on behalf of animals. In magazines and social media sites, they express their thought about animal and request peoples to care the animals all around the world and secure their proper right of living here.

Among the other activities for national puppy day, social media play a vital role. It makes people more conscious to puppies.